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Conference in Hong Kong

Several interesting ideas from the way Conference is run here in Hong Kong. It is a celebration of Methodism so people are encouraged to come and enjoy it.
It is about accountability, so each district reports to the Conference (the photo shows Eden reporting).
It is about affirmation, so the church school principals were thanked and applauded (pictured).
Steve on Saturday.

Conference opens

A great preacher at the Conference service this year! It’s Eden Fletcher, who is now a minister in the Hong Kong connexion having taken over from Howard Mellor at the Methodist International Church.
Steve on Friday

Hong Kong

I am in Hong Kong for a few days to attend the Conference of our good partner the Methodist Church Hong Kong. I will mention in my speech some of the good mission work that is happening in Britain because of their donations of time and money as well as our own contribution in Hong Kong of heritage and personnel. But first, as you see, the General Secretary and I have to enjoy the culinary heritage of Hong Kong!

Partnership visit to IMW Mozambique

We flew back from Chimoio to Maputo Connexion office where I met with Isabel Hazias -a National in Mission Appointee coordinating HIV/AIDS workshops and other health promotions. Beside Isabel below was Dr Carlos Fuma – the IMWM Lay President coordinating the national Mission Congress scheduled for September 2017 with follow up action plans focusing on church growth.

Below is Neluna Nhaca – IMWM church administrator based at Maputo Connexion office. She works closely with the Synod Bishop and links with partners to serve its Connexion.

Above is Bishop Dinis Matsolo responsible for the Methodist Wesleyan Church in Mozambique. It has twelve ministers and it is a district of MC Southern Africa. It is a growing church and work collaboratively with other partners.

Thank you

Bunmi Olayisade
Africa Partnership Coordinator

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IMW Mozambique- Chimoio mission station

Chimoio mission station is a unique mission initiative started by MCB ex-mission partners, Rev Malcolm and Gina Oliver in 2015. They have since returned to the Britain but the mission programme is ongoing.

Since the departure of MCB mission partners, the assembly operated without a minister. On Sunday 21 May 2017, Rev Naison and Snikiwe Mutasa with two young sons were commissioned by Bishop Dinis Matsolo (shown above).

Rev Mutasa was on secondment from MC Zimbabwe to serve this Shona speaking congregation in Mozambique. MC Southern Africa agreed to contribute towards this mission programme to promote cross-culture integration in rural places. MC Britain was kindly asked to help with the administrative set up to link the mission station with all the various Connexion Offices especially IMWM in Maputo. Maputo is 1200 kilometres away from Chimoio hence the need to travel by air to attend the event and we stayed afterwards to meet with church leaders and the new minister.

The Chimoio congregation at Cruzamento was very welcoming and the service well attended. I counted more than eighty people present including children. The church is temporarily being held by the manse. They plan to eventually build their church that would double up as a nursery school for the kids.

With God, all things are possible and this was a memorable day of celebrating the Lordship of Christ.

Thank you.

Bunmi Olayisade
Africa Partnership Coordinator

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MC Southern Africa visit

MCSA synod meetings were ongoing at various venues all over Southern Africa. It was a great opportunity to meet with the church leaders for discussions on various partnership issues.

Just heard the sad news, our prayers and thoughts are with victims and families of the Manchester terrorist attack that took place today. We stand in prayers and solidarity with you all in England. May the light of God shine into darkness to overcome evil and change the hardened hearts of the perpetrators? May the love of the Holy Spirit surround and comfort all affected by the terrible terrorist attack?

African Methodists and friends continue to uphold the United Kingdom in prayers as we all mourn the loss of the innocent unsuspecting kids killed in Manchester, England.

Lord have mercy!

Bunmi Olayisade
Africa Partnership Coordinator

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Methodists and Baptists group visit to MC Southern Africa

An ecumenical group of Methodists and Baptists women were hosted by Jane Day – MCB mission partner serving with MC Southern Africa in Johannesburg. They arrived on Wednesday 10 May and depart on Friday 19 May 2017.

The aims of the group visit were to promote cross-cultural experience, establish new friendships, celebrate women in leadership and participate at Sunday services where the ministers would preach and mingle with South African Methodists.

The group shall attend and present at the Baptist Union Conference held at Roodeport before leaving for the UK later today I.e. Friday 19 May. It has been a great blessing to meet with the group and many thanks to WCR office for co-ordinating this group visit. Above was a session on Reflective conversation led by Nicky Dickson at Northfield Methodist Church and arranged by Jane Day.

Habakkuk 2:14 – For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

Thank you

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