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Evangelism, church growth and church expansion

February 13, 2020

What are the differences between church growth, church expansion and evangelism? Our Brazilian partners have been teaching us! For the Methodist church in Brazil, every member of the church ought to be an evangelist and be actively sharing the gospel with their family, their neighbours and in their daily lives. Evangelism can happen without ever planting or growing a church. Church growth, happens in the local church, and the Methodist Church in Brazil is certainly growing! It now has 275,000 thousand adult members.

Here’s what is interesting: church expansion is about church planting, and the Methodist Church in Brazil feel it is their mission imperative to go to new places where there is no Methodist presence in Brazil. As they plant a new church, they reach a new community and gather it together, they integrate and equip new members. Then they expand and a degree of scattering has to happen, as new leaders from church plants go on to plant new churches. The church is present in only 13% of Methodist cities in Brazil, so the church is currently expanding primarily through two missionary regions (please see photos attached).

While we were learning from our partners at the National headquarters in Sãu Paulo, Carolyn and I also met with the national coordinators of the Sunday School programme and the very small but highly effective communications team.

Every blessing


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