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Indigenous ministry with the Zenu community

October 7, 2018

We have just heard the report from Revd Danilo Diaz om the work the church is doing with two indigenous communities-the Zenu Methodist community and the Wayuu community.

The Colombian Methodist Church has been working with the Zenu community in the Sucre department (Caribbean coast) since 2009. Indigenous communities in the country suffer the most discrimination among various other vulnerable groups. This discrimination and social injustice affects their culture, their way of life, access to their lands and their livelihoods, so the church is working hard alongside the Zenu community to help them defend their way of life and preserve their dignity as indigenous Colombians.

Revd Danilo reported that the Coventry circuit had been supporting part of their work through the church’s livelihoods projects , by helping them purchase machinery that will enable the community to increase and expand its production of items made from woven cane, or caña flecha, which will not only improve the local economy of the community, but will also help to preserve one of the remaining remnants of Zenu culture that the community is holding on to and one that has become a national symbol of Colombia (the sombrero vueltiao : ).

For more information please see the church’s website and watch this video:

Chris Lacey, who is in Colombia with Vera Lacey and their two daughters as British mission partners, has been instrumental in developing the church’s website and training its ministers in how to use the website to develop their advocacy and communication of the work they are doing locally. I will write more about Chris and Vera a bit later!

Every blessing



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